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Sex Male
Age 17

Greetings, humble reader, and welcome to my profile. My handle on this wiki is Citizen, but you can all call me Cit. I began watching Heroes in late December 2006, when two friends recommended it. As I made my up to Fallout (the latest episode at the time), I couldn't help but notice how great the show was, especially after certain episode endings (namely Don't Look Back, Collision and Fallout itself).

I have been enjoying it ever since and I am now an avid fan of the series. I joined the Heroes Wiki on March 7, 2007 and the Official/Unofficial fansite,, on February 10, 2007 because I wanted to delve further into Heroes fandom. I came up with my username by looking at my watch just like how Sylar came up with his alias. Not only do I watch the show, but I also read the graphic novels every Tuesday and participate in the alternate reality game. To date, I think every episode is a great episode, but if I had to choose a worst episode for each season, they'd be The Fix, The Line and I Am Become Death.

I am also a huge "cinephile" (quotation marks because I believe I still haven't seen some of the best films out there), and I aspire to become a screenwriter and/or director one day. Other shows I enjoy are Prison Break, Lost, 24 and Fringe.

That being said, I think it's time to move on to my Heroes favorites.

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