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Favourite characters:

Future PeterFuture HiroSylarHiroTedClaudeHRGThe HaitianHanaDrucker

Least favourite characters:


Top 10 episodes:

(Five Years Gone) • (I Am Become Death) • (Unexpected) • (Company Man) • (How to Stop an Exploding Man) • (Villains) • (Four Months Ago...) • (Homecoming) • (The Hard Part) • (Fallout)

Favorite graphic novel episodes:

(Walls Part 1, 2) • (String Theory) • (The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 1, 2)(Blackout Part 1, 2)
• (Team Building Exercise) • (Revolutionary War, Part 1) • (Graphic Novel:Sum Quod Sum, Part 1, 2)

Favorite wiki pages:

Comicbook Cover ArchiveUnnamed AbilitiesNosferatuPaul E. SylarList of evolved humans, Powers, List of Anomalistic Abilities, Assignment TrackerCitizen: Album and Chrisyu357: Artists' PortraitsUpcoming EpisodesTranscripts

Favorite TV shows:

HeroesLostJericho4400The Six Million Dollar ManBattlestar Galatctica-TOSStar Trek-TOSLand of the Lost-TOSLogan's RunHR PufnstufThe Greatest American HeroHighlanderFirefly (Serenity)Big Bang TheorySanctuary

Favourite Movies:

PattonBig JakeThe Final CountdownXmen 1-4 • Star Trek II & IIIThe Princess BrideNational Treasure IMP's Holy GrailLone Wolf McQuadeChildren of the Corn I

Hiro at the Altrusian Lost City.jpg
Hiro prepares to battle "Big Alice" at The Lost City
In-story stats

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My Favorite FanVids

Very Cool Heroes Opening Credits
by Daniel NG
Heroes: The Story So Far 1 of 3
Heroes: The Story So Far 2 of 3
Heroes: The Story So Far 3 of 3
all by Daniel NG

Season One in 8 minutes
by buffyslashangel

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