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Ciaran Harper
Sex Male
Age 16
Date of birth August 6, 1992
Occupation Student
Favorite Heroes quote "Eat your brain? ... Claire, that's disgusting."
"Yatta!" (I did it!) 
"You're not a killer, Peter...I am." 
"'It's not going to hurt a bit. (Sue uses her power) Got me. That's a lie."
Favorite Heroes actor Masi Oka
Zachary Quinto
Favorite character Hiro Nakamura
Least favorite character Maya Herrera
Favorite power Space-time manipulation

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ok... heroes is the best show about now .end of...

If i could have an ability it would be that i would be able to turn myself into liquid metal and gain metal items such as blades. also this combined with hiros power would be perfect ......hmmm

WHY DID ECHO HAVE TO DIE ...:( ..# him and Sylar should of had a fight with there sound manipluation powers... dat would of been tite!