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Powers Precognition
Aliases LadyVicesVirtue, MissHeroes
Age 19
Occupation College Student
Favorite episode June 13th, Part One
Favorite character Emma Coolidge
Favorite power Umbrakinesis

LadyVicesVirtue is a fangirl who began watching Heroes in 2008. It simultaneously scarred and created an obsession within her. She creates a lot of fan theories which turn out to be true later down the line. They will be listed below.

Erica is a Company Founder's Daughter

This is Heroes/Heroes: Reborn, so just bare with me for a minute.

We've seen children from: Robert Bishop (Elle), Charles Deveaux (Simone), Carlos Mendez (Isaac), Kaito Nakamura (Kimiko, Hiro), Maury Parkman (Matt), and Angela and Arthur Petrelli (Nathan, Peter). So all of the company members we've seen on screen, except for Daniel Linderman and Victoria Pratt. Considering Erica's background in science and technology, I'm leaning towards a child of Victoria.

In the book Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World, Angela trusts Erica to take over Primatech and merge it with Renautas completely. We aren't shown what their relationship prior to this is, but given that Primatech has been Angela's main project for years. It is unlikely that she would trust anyone (not that she even trusts Erica), to completely take over and have access to all of Angela's Primatech Files. It leads me to believe that maybe Erica was someone who was related to the company prior to. Granted that Primatech Shares would go to the surviving member, there was nothing saying that she couldn't hand it down to an heiress to the company.

It would give Erica a solid reason to hate all Evos, and to go to great lengths to incriminate all of them. Victoria seemed fearful of Evos, especially Peter and Adam Monroe. Maybe, just maybe, they killed her mother, and she wanted revenge. --LadyVicesVirtue (talk) 20:16, 2 January 2016 (EST)