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to be revealed...
Portrayed by Me!
Powers Empathic mimicry, Precognitive Dreams
Aliases Tempest Jackie Petrelli, First Last, Shoyru1177, Singing Mensch
Sex Male
Date of birth May 19
Home Toronto, ON
Favorite Heroes quote "Haven't I killed you before?" "Didn't take." Sylar & Peter (How to Stop an Exploding Man)
Favorite quote "Don't tell me the sky's the limit. There are footprints on the moon."
Favorite color Blue
Favorite episode All of them!!! (Six Months Ago, .07%, Homecoming, Powerless)
Favorite graphic novel Turning Point, Road Kill
Favorite actor Robin Williams
Favorite actress Jennifer Aniston, J-Lo
Favorite Heroes actress Dana Davis, Hayden Panettiere
Favorite character Eden, Elle, Micah, Peter, Sylar
Least favorite character Alejandro
Favorite power Empathic mimicry, Lightning, Weather Control
Favorite sport Hockey
Favorite magazine J-14
I am from Canada

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