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Ability to: assume the characteristics and abilities of any living thing and then create controllable copies

Multiplicidopplegangerry is the ability to assume the characteristics and abilities of any living thing and then create controllable copies.


The number of individuals with this ability has been classified as top secret by the Company, but indications that at least 4 individuals have this ability have been uncovered.


Users of this ability can assume all characteristics and abilities of any living thing, and then reproduce controllable copies (clones) of the entity they are mimicking.

There is no limit to the number of multiples that can be generated, but each clone drains from the overall 'power pool,' which determines how close both the abilities and characteristics of the clones resemble the being they are mimicking. The more complex the entity being mimicked is, the greater drain to the power pool with each copy. This can result in erratic clone behavior or, in cases of highly complex organisms like evolved humans, clones having little or no power, or even collapsing. An exception is the creation of a swarm. Each swarm created counts as a single clone, though indications are that swarms are harder to control and represent a greater drain on the power pool than individual clones. Users may choose to divide the 'power pool' among the copies any way they see fit. It is not currently known how the power pool is determined.

Unless the power pool is heavily depleted, as in cases of many clones being made or highly complex organisms being mimicked, the only discernible difference between clones and the user is the presence of a small symbol somewhere on the body.

Users can instantaneously destroy any or all clones at any time.

If a clone is hurt or killed, the user of the ability is hurt, but to a lesser degree (based on how many copies are currently in existence). If the user is injured, all of the clones suffer the same injury, but to a higher degree. If, at any time, the user is hurt or killed, all of the clones immediately die as well.

If the user of this ability is killed in any form, they revert back to their natural state, but remain dead.

There is no limit to the range that clones may be from the user, but the further away they are, the more disoriented they may become, and the less control the user has over them. However, evidence has shown that clones can be fully functional and controlled even over intercontinental distances, so it is likely tied into the power pool.