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Ted C
Nickname Runolfr Orthlokarr Ulfsson
Powers Power analysis
Sex Male
Age 48
Home Nashville, TN
Occupation Technical Writer
Favorite Heroes quote "I really need to find that sword."
Favorite character Hiro
Favorite power Space-time manipulation

About Me (as a contributor)

I'm a Wiki geek and a Heroes geek with a special interest in clearly defining how the powers of the various characters work.


  • Renaissance Dance
  • Fencing
  • HeroesWiki

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Favorite Quotes

"An explosion of that magnitude would destroy half the population of New York City like that (*snap*)."
"There's six and a half billion people on the planet. That's less than point-zero-seven percent. Come on, that's an acceptable loss by anyone's count."

- Nathan, Linderman (.07%)

"An apocalypse. A massacre. Half the city gone in an instant. They mean nothing. They're innocent. There's no gain, so why would I do it? What possible reason could I have for killing so many?"

- Sylar (The Hard Part)

"Mom, I don't like Mr. Linderman."
"Well, why not?"
"I don't know. He smells funny."

- Micah and Candice (disguised) (The Hard Part)