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This is a breakdown of the casting of the characters. Most are open to suggestion. If a character doesn't appear here, it's because I haven't cast it yet. --CreedogV 02:48, 16 April 2010 (EDT)

  • Edward Pall: Matt Dallas
  • Gen. Jacob Pradasa: Željko Ivanek (Version of Emile Danko by one of his aliases)
  • Martin Gray: Richard Jenkins (Canon is Ned Schmidtke)
  • Xaviar Daniau: Sean Maher
  • Col. Donald Kendrick: Richard Brooks
  • Cris (Crystallization criminal): Jonathan Chase
  • Doug (Melting criminal): Jesse Boyd
  • Isaac Mendez (11): Jake T. Austin
  • Matt Parkman (9): Ben Grunberg (Greg's middle son)
  • Gabriel Gray (17): Carter Jenkins
  • Nathan Petrelli (14): Lorenzo James Henrie
  • Peter Petrelli (7): Trenton Rogers
  • Simone Deveaux (8): Na'Kia Bell Smith picture
  • Terrance Donaldson (Matt's fake agent): Charlie Weber
  • Alice Lartier: Monica May
  • Asad Karim (Cryo inmate): Philip Shahbaz
  • Frankie Hayward (Durable inmate): Texas Battle
  • Pete Farmer (Inertia inmate): Charlie Hartsock
  • Mickey Griffin (Strong inmate): Dax Griffin (the one Elle electrocutes)
  • Mateo Tapia (Blindness inmate): José Zúñiga
  • James Walker (Molly's dad): John Allen Nelson
  • Susan Walker (Molly's mom): Annabeth Gish
  • Abigail Crosby: Alia Shawkat (I want to replace her with a British actress)
  • Reid Cipris: Adrian Zmed
  • Xun Narada: Johnny Tri Nguyen
  • Rev. Tafari St. Pierre: Avery Brooks
  • Dr. Adrianna Fillman: Jacqueline Piñol
  • Shanti Suresh: Aishwarya Rai (she was being considered for this role)
  • Evie North: Brooke Nevin
  • Rev. Gideon Davenport: Steven Williams
  • Dahlia Samuels: Traci Dinwiddie
  • Maria C. Rossi (Hannah's biological mother): Nancy Thurston
  • Rick Barnes: John Kassir
  • Cesar Dubois: Jacob Vargas
  • Claude Rains's secretary: Jennifer Ellison