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"Dying of the Light" I feel that this was the worst episode of the season so far, behind "Angels and Monsters". I mean, it answers a few of the questions that the previous episodes made, but then it made hundreds more! I mean seriously! What is going to happen to Maya? (certain sources say that she is going to die this season) And how is Peter going to get his powers back? But I see how he could. Because when Matt meets Peter again, Matt can use his power to tell Peter's dad (I can't remember his name) to give Peter's powers back while keeping a safe distance from him, since he wants Matt's powers, but then there is going to be a big showdown between Matt and his dad. They're also getting rid of a lot of characters. But all they need to do is give more answers. Lots of people have stopped watching "Heroes" because it is getting hard to follow, and that eliminates all of the people who are going to start watching the show. But I guess I'll have to wait until next monday.