Webisode:Nowhere Man, Part 2

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Nowhere Man, Part 2
Statement of Character
Webisode number: 18
First released: April 27, 2009
Nowhere Man, Part 2.jpg
Written by: Timm Keppler
Directed by: Chris Hanada
Tanner Kling
Previous Webisode: Nowhere Man, Part 1
Next Webisode: Nowhere Man, Part 3
Doyle's self-control is shattered by a cruel boss.




Eric Doyle awakens from a dream which flash backs to his time in Level 5 and his many sins. He continues recording himself on camera, and he states that he does not want to be behind bars. He states that he had nearly shredded his boss's hand using his ability. At work, Doyle approaches Kyle Dilman, his boss. He makes a final attempt to appear professional and expresses his hope that Kyle will write a statement of character for his case. Kyle, however, infers that he may help him out, but Doyle must now complete a long list of errands by the end of the day.

At night, Doyle has finally completed the list of tasks. He enters Kyle's office to show he completed the list and interrupts an argument between his boss and Lauren Shapiro. When his boss tells Doyle to get out (saying that it's "not a good time"), Lauren tells Kyle to stay calm. However, Kyle lashes out at Lauren and tells her to shut up. Doyle's power consumes him and he makes Kyle hit himself in the head with the golf club. Kyle slumps onto the floor, and Lauren watches in shock. Doyle utters, "Oh crap".

Memorable Quotes

"Oh crap."

- Doyle (after using his ability harmfully)

Character Appearances


  • The Nowhere Man series was included with the bonus features on the Season Three DVD.

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