Flint Gordon, Sr.

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Flint Gordon, Sr.
Flint and Meredith's father.jpg
First appearance Playing with Fire
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death 1982
Home Kingsland, AR
Residence Small farm home in rural Arkansas (destroyed)
Significant other Unnamed wife (deceased)
Children Meredith Gordon (deceased),
Flint Gordon, Jr.(deceased)
Grandchild Claire Bennet
Other relatives Great grandchildren:
Tommy Clark,

Flint Gordon, Sr. was the abusive father of Meredith and Flint Jr.

Character History


Meredith reminds her brother that their father used to say "God gave [him] a big sister instead of a brain".

Graphic Novel:Playing with Fire

When Mr. Gordon returns home to see that his son has, once again, failed to complete his chores, he threatens to whip him with a belt. Meredith tries to stop him, promising to finish the chores herself. When Mr. Gordon shoves her away, she activates her pyrokinesis for the first time, killing him.


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