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Hello, Swmystery

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Peter and Arthur exposed to EM?

I've just seen that you removed the link on Arthur Petrelli about the fact that Peter had been exposed to Enhanced memory and I was just wondering why. Peter was exposed to it in Homecoming when he faced up against Sylar. This means that Arthur could have aswell. -- Leckie -- Talk 13:58, 18 November 2009 (EST)

  • Once Upon A Time In Texas means that Sylar never acquired Charlie's power. If Sylar didn't acquire it, Peter couldn't have been exposed to it. If he wasn't exposed to it, then there's no way Arthur could have taken it. Swm 13:29, 19 November 2009 (EST)
    • Yeah, I realised yesterday, when IE told me about it. As much as I love Heroes, I can be quite slow! --Leckie -- Talk 13:46, 19 November 2009 (EST)

Ah ah

No problem. I don't take our disagreements too seriously by the way, it's just different opinions. ;) But you're totally right about Eli. The manifestation of the power might differ, but as we've seen in so many occasion, it's the case with almost all existing powers. They never work the exact same way but remains the same core power. The similarities matters more than the differences. Actually, I know a lot thinks it's silly but I do think there is a core Mimicry Power. Writers said it would seem logical that Arthur (said to have an evolved form of empathic mimicry) Sylar and Peter had all the same ability but accessing it in different ways, and that they could evolve in one another, as demonstrated with Sylar by using his power the exact same way Peter did, as stated by the writers again (and maybe Peter actually, since he was only able to use Intuitive Aptitude after "unlocking" it. It's not clear if that was inside him since the beginning or if he just copied that. Doubt remains as far as I'm concerned :p ) But that's just me. Then, about Eli, your demonstration was pretty detailed and clear and I couldn't agree more on that. For Peter, well, it seems they were, indeed, trying to gain some time, for both Peter and Nathan for all the beginning of the season, before Sylar would rise again. Now Peter will have a personal vendetta and have to deal "with the reality of what happens when someone kills your brother" to quote Milo. His storyline wasn't bad, he's my favorite character and he's pretty well written, even if some things are sometimes silly, it's just that something felt missing. It was not enough. But he was perfect in the last episodes (10 and 12, I actually didn't like the 11 at all, he was totally denying Nathan's death and I hated the fact that he was as powerless as Angela). Let's just hope his tattoo from ep 03 and Emma will be important in the next episodes for him. ;)--Kleith 11:24, 4 December 2009 (EST)